Best Phone for FreePBX


I am often asked “What is the best hardware to use for my new FreePBX system?” My answer has to be ClearlyIP. ClearlyIP has produced most integrated phones that I have seen for FreePBX. From their stylish desktop phones to their Clearly Anywhere mobile apps and softphone options, ClearlyIP is the clear choice for me and my customers. 2nd place would have to go to Sangoma, but they seem to be lacking behind in the build quality of the phones and lack some of the advanced features that ClearlyIP has developed. Yealink is worth a mention but with unclear ties to foreign governments, and its advanced features needing to be manually configured it can not beat out the other top pics. Polycom is also worth mentioning. Although Polycom also has limits to key functions and will also a leave you pulling your hair out to setup config files for advanced features, I can say for the customer that does not have the budget for new hardware the Polycom line of phones can be purchased for pennies on the dollar on the used market and the phones build quality is top notch.

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